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Manufacturer: Adidas

String Name: Power Hybrid

Description: Brand new onto the market for the autumn of 2013. Adidas launch a revolutionary new string. Used widely in the tennis market, using two different strings for mains and cross strings is currently rare in badminton. The main string (called Power Team and available separately) has a nylon multi-filament core with a braided mono-filament outer wrap for power. The cross string (called Power Balance) is constructed from a dense multi-filament core with oval braided outer mono-filament wrap to create power and control.

Construction: Braided

String Rating (What's this)
Durablity: 9.0
Power: 9.0

Badminton Strings View: Adidas have tried combining two different strings to create a hybrid set-up, which is a rare sight in badminton, yet very common in tennis where the benefits are far greater, but it proved to be an interesting combination. With the thicker strings being in the mains to provide durability, and the thinner set in the crosses to provide additional power, it worked better than I expected it to. Although the feel isn't as nice as a thinner string, it still provides a very good level of control and touch around the net, and the hitting sound is very 'bassy' as opposed to to a high pitched 'ping'. The power is reasonable, but not as powerful as a thinner, more elastic string, yet drops and slices work nicely. I'd recommend this string to someone who already produces good power, and are looking for further durability while not cutting entirely down on playability.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
200m Reel 0.72/0.69mm White/Yellow £80.00
Set 0.72/0.69mm White/Yellow £6.90

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