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Manufacturer: Yonex

String Name: Nanogy 95

Description: Immense power with no loss of durability, compound carbon nano fibre for superior durability, the ultimate string for hard hitters, can be strung to high tensions.

Construction: Multifilament

String Rating (What's this)
Comfort: 6.0
Durablity: 9.0
Spin: 6.0
Power: 8.0

Badminton Strings View: A few more top internationals are using this string - it retains its tension and is very durable - lasts quite a while and we are using more for players who dont want to keep restringing.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
200m Reel 0.69mm Gold £100.80
Set 0.69mm Gold £6.72

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